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			Recommended mining software:

			The following miners have been tested by the community and are working well with our pool:

			For NVIDIA Cards:
			- Gminer - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5034735.0
			- miniZ - https://miniz.ch/

			For AMD Cards:
			- lolMiner - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4724735.0

			How to connect to this pool:

			To connect to the pool you will have to use a public API key generated from the pool homepage.
			Please carefully read all pool homepage instructions and save both the private and public keys simultaneously.
			The keys are randomly generated on each page refresh.

			This pool is located in EU (Germany)

			Host address:           beam.sunpool.top
			Primary stratum port:   3334
			Secondary stratum port: 3333
			NiceHash stratum port:	4444

			Ports 3334 and 3333 are identical in terms of functionality and are run by separate daemons.
			For maximum uptime we recommend you to configure your mining software with both ports in failover mode.

			Sample configuration file for Gminer:
			(you can download the file here - don't forget to change the public API key with yours before mining)

			# Sample configuration file to mine BEAM with Gminer at beam.sunpool.top
			# options have the same names as command line arguments
			# for linux run: "./miner --config config.txt"
			# for windows run or add to .bat file: "miner.exe --config config.txt"


			# Main pool

			# Failover pool, you can specify unlimited number of failover pools