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Current Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
1h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
6h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
24h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
Last Hour Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last Day Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 7 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 30 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Total shares accepted: 7,673,856
Invalid shares (24h): 0
Workers statistics

You have no separate workers defined.
You can add them with the following syntax: public_user_key.worker in your miner configuration.
Please use a maximum of 10 characters for the workers name.

Balance & Withdraw
Available balance: 0.00000000 Beam
Unconfirmed balance: 0.00000000 Beam
Total paid: 3.76612489 Beam
API LINK: [miner-balances]

Insufficient available balance for a payment request.
Payments are accepted for balances greater than 0.01 BEAM.

Your last 5 payments / requests
1. Time (R/S/C):
Sending address:
Receiving address:
Kernel ID:
Transfer fee:
/ /
3.76612489 BEAM
0.001 BEAM
Last 30 blocks you have shares on
Block Worker Time Distributed Share
1940842 YES0.19069992 BEAM
1940770 YES0.21013673 BEAM
1940701 YES0.22862242 BEAM
1940582 YES0.20578743 BEAM
1940507 YES0.19781274 BEAM
1940426 YES0.23834242 BEAM
1940326 YES0.22595018 BEAM
1940307 YES0.20655106 BEAM
1940264 YES0.19116832 BEAM
1940088 YES0.20593740 BEAM
1939894 YES0.16998828 BEAM
1939700 YES0.17684567 BEAM
1939644 YES0.20558331 BEAM
1939614 YES0.21728386 BEAM
1939578 YES0.22575169 BEAM
1939433 YES0.18144162 BEAM
1939377 YES0.20509310 BEAM
1939371 YES0.20427149 BEAM
1939305 YES0.07985718 BEAM
EXPORT LINK: [miner-all-block-shares]

Your last 30 shares
No shares submitted in the last hour.

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