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Current Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
1h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
6h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
24h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
Last Hour Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last Day Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 7 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 30 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Total shares accepted: 636,416
Invalid shares (24h): 0
Workers statistics

You have no separate workers defined.
You can add them with the following syntax: public_user_key.worker in your miner configuration.
Please use a maximum of 10 characters for the workers name.

Balance & Withdraw
Available balance: 0.36527337 Beam
Unconfirmed balance: 0.00000000 Beam
Total paid: 0.00000000 Beam
API LINK: [miner-balances][private key validity test]

To request a balance transfer to your personal wallet please provide your private key:

You have no payments yet.
Last 30 blocks you have shares on
Block Worker Time Distributed Share
1943034 YES0.00629272 BEAM
1942250 YES0.00060471 BEAM
1941990 YES0.00757832 BEAM
1941951 YES0.02205292 BEAM
1941924 YES0.03062859 BEAM
1941790 YES0.03831151 BEAM
1941779 YES0.03870139 BEAM
1941746 YES0.03645628 BEAM
1941729 YES0.03020176 BEAM
1941727 YES0.03020214 BEAM
1941726 YES0.02976111 BEAM
1941487 YES0.01562816 BEAM
1941353 YES0.01096511 BEAM
1941349 YES0.00956765 BEAM
1940770 YES0.01374311 BEAM
1940701 YES0.02579224 BEAM
1940582 YES0.01878557 BEAM
EXPORT LINK: [miner-all-block-shares]

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