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Current Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
1h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
6h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
24h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
Last Hour Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last Day Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 7 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 30 Days Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Total shares accepted: 1,089,024
Invalid shares (24h): 0
Workers statistics

You have no separate workers defined.
You can add them with the following syntax: public_user_key.worker in your miner configuration.
Please use a maximum of 10 characters for the workers name.

Balance & Withdraw
Available balance: 1.24885825 Beam
Unconfirmed balance: 0.00000000 Beam
Total paid: 0.00000000 Beam
API LINK: [miner-balances][private key validity test]

To request a balance transfer to your personal wallet please provide your private key:

You have no payments yet.
Last 30 blocks you have shares on
Block Worker Time Distributed Share
1583252 YES0.07728245 BEAM
1583088 YES0.08591395 BEAM
1583062 YES0.08682782 BEAM
1583036 YES0.07947991 BEAM
1583013 YES0.08729866 BEAM
1582781 YES0.06293912 BEAM
1582754 YES0.06575521 BEAM
1582753 YES0.06575389 BEAM
1582723 YES0.07566661 BEAM
1582695 YES0.08581603 BEAM
1582585 YES0.08701312 BEAM
1582335 YES0.08756237 BEAM
1582325 YES0.09335255 BEAM
1582214 YES0.07806980 BEAM
1582165 YES0.07920475 BEAM
1582072 YES0.05092192 BEAM
EXPORT LINK: [miner-all-block-shares]

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