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Current Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
1h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
6h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
24h Average Hash Rate: 0.00 Sol/s
Last Hour Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last Day Earnings: 0.00000000 Beam
Last 7 Days Earnings: 0.19378915 Beam
Last 30 Days Earnings: 0.19378915 Beam
Total shares accepted: 224,896
Invalid shares (24h): 0
Workers statistics

You have no separate workers defined.
You can add them with the following syntax: public_user_key.worker in your miner configuration.
Please use a maximum of 10 characters for the workers name.

Balance & Withdraw
Available balance: 0.19378915 Beam
Unconfirmed balance: 0.00000000 Beam
Total paid: 0.00000000 Beam
API LINK: [miner-balances][private key validity test]

571 hours needed until we can accept a payment request for your current balance.
For balances above 1 BEAM payouts are allowed daily.

You have no payments yet.
Last 30 blocks you have shares on
Block Worker Time Distributed Share
1817017 YES0.01364553 BEAM
1816629 YES0.02659855 BEAM
1816574 YES0.02730525 BEAM
1816520 YES0.03168595 BEAM
1816487 mrtfrw YES0.03086141 BEAM
1816449 YES0.02949761 BEAM
1816318 YES0.03419481 BEAM
EXPORT LINK: [miner-all-block-shares]

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